The Empty Bottle Show

Last nights show was a great one!  I’m proud of the Tramps, we put some work in recently and it paid off last night.  Its a great feeling being on stage and knowing you’ve got 5 musicians around you that are confident in what they’re doing.  As band leader, I don’t have to be concerned with whether we’re gonna make the changes right, etc.  Its like being in a river when the current is running strong, its easy to go down stream.  Last night was a joy, I knew they were there for it, so I could live in the music and really project musically.

Most folks wouldn’t know this, but what the band hears and what the audience hears is often different, sometime drastically, and thats some real shit sometimes.  Trying to play good music when it sounds bad to you is tough trick.  Whatever, last night it sounded damn good on stage!  I love that, its so easy to make good music.  Thanks to Matt on sound last night, he’s an exceptional engineer.

Over the next few weeks I’m gonna play some acoustic gigs to try out new material, probably with Joe Messing.  I’ll keep the facebook page updated, its cool to hear some of these layered songs stripped down to an acoustic guitar and vocals.
Thanks to all the fans that came out last night, got a great response from you all, I was feeling you!

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