I’m thrilled to be a part of this amazing night of music.  Saturday, July 2nd The Tramps and I will be performing on an exceptional bill:

Grace Askew, up from Memphis, TN, will be showcasing her whiskey soaked, sultry blues sound, like Tom Waits and Cat power.  I saw her perform last time she was in Chicago and was truly captivated, you’re gonna love it.

Bullet Called Life play some serious rock n roll, some heavy stuff, I hear dirty old southern rock roots with a modern edge, some 100 degree angles in their sound.  Really good stuff: Tom Miller is on keys for them, he played on my Elephant Painting album, exceptional musician.

Then, The Tramps and I are gonna bring the energy, ’cause we gotta top Bullet!  Tall order, good target. I’ll have a beautiful new song ready for the night, but we’re gonna get loose and free up there.

And, headlining the night, his big night, Joe Messing releases his first album with his new band, The Wisemen (including yours truly on lead guitar).  His sound swings effortlessly from beautiful singer songer-writer to rowdy, high energy, supped up rockabilly/rock n roll. Best enjoyed with a beer in your hand, your ass shaking and your foot a-stomping!

I suggest getting your ticket in advance to secure your entry and save your money: its only 8 bucks till day of show, click here to make that happen

You can buy tickets at the door for 10 dollars.

Doors open at 8, show starts at 8:30.  Music will last all night, so get your beauty rest!

Looking forward to it, hope to see you there!


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