Last Saturday was a whirlwind kind of night, we loved every minute.  First we headlined Gallery Cabaret’s annual StreetFest, which was a blast.  It was a beautiful night, great crowd, we played an all-acoustic set.  Playing outdoors is a always a treat, the energy is always so open and positive, people are feeling and good, the band too.

We played Gallery Cabaret Fest at 9pm, and were scheduled to be on at Lincoln Hall at 11.  Thats a super-tight squeeze in itself, but we had a clear exit strategy.  Of course, there’s

always something lurking in the weeds.  Find out day-of that our Lincoln Hall time is bumped to 10:30.

So we played our Gypsy Set at Gallery, had friends waiting with our vehicles running, loaded up in record time, sped over to Lincoln Hall, double parked, grabbed our instruments and rushed back to the Green Room (backstage), changed quick, just as I was handing out the setlist for the show we got our call to the stage.  Here we go, out on stage not 20 minutes after leaving Gallery Cabaret.  My favorite part is that the Tramps all kept their cool, we played a beautifully composed set at Lincoln Hall.

As we’re playing stage I’m realizing this might be my favorite venue to date.

What a rush of a night, the whiskey soda’s were going down easy backstage after that.

Hats off to our manager, Erick, for making it all work.  Not only can he rock the tambourine, he can make that kind of night a lot of fun as opposed to a pain in the ass.

Oh yes, we had some exceptional videographers documenting the night, we’ll have video from the performances available soon for y’all, stay tuned.

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