The Tramps are a 6 piece band founded in 2011 by Antony Ablan. The Wisconsin-native calls the music ‘American Gypsy’, painting wildly eclectic soundscapes that range from sunshine ditties to garage-floor Americana. With a unique instrumentation and writing style the Tramps are carving out a timeless sound in modern music.

Preceding the Tramps, Ablan released a solo EP, ELEPHANT PAINTING, in 2010, working in the studio with such musicians as Ryan Rapsys (Euphone) and Jon Theodore (The Mars Volta, One Days as a Lion). Upon releasing the EP he set out to bring his eclectic music to stage. After a year of rotating the lineup in different ways, Antony found his current group. They will record their debut “Tramps” album end of 2011, following a national tour.

Kedgrick Pullums Jr. // Woodwinds, Organs, Pianos, Vocals
Joseph Messing // Guitar, Vocals
Chris Palmerin // Drum Kit & Percussion
Erick Memmesheimer // Percussion
Daniel Huber // Electric Upright Bass
Antony Ablan // Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals, Miscellaneous

“We first encountered singer-songwriter Antony Ablan and his band the Tramps when we viewed his Lightbox Session last week. Antony & the Tramps play serious folk music with a side of jazzy pop melodies. The hooks will have you bopping your head and clapping along to the spicy rhythms before you even realize what you’re doing.” LOUDLOOP PRESS