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Last Saturday was a whirlwind kind of night, we loved every minute.  First we headlined Gallery Cabaret’s annual StreetFest, which was a blast.  It was a beautiful night, great crowd, we played an all-acoustic set.  Playing outdoors is a always a treat, the energy is always so open and positive, people are feeling and good, the band too.

We played Gallery Cabaret Fest at 9pm, and were scheduled to be on at Lincoln Hall at 11.  Thats a super-tight squeeze in itself, but we had a clear exit strategy.  Of course, there’s


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The Warrior – Live at Audio Tree Studios

The Tramps and me playing The Warrior. A friend asked what this instrumental was about, I told her its the struggle towards spiritual freedom, but its not ‘about’ that, it ‘is’ that. And it takes everyone in the room to get to that level of freedom, it takes a lot of energy directed upwards. Music like this reminds me how powerful we can be when we’re in harmony and in love with one another.

Enjoy ~ Antony

Antony Ablan – The Warrior : Audiotree Live from Audiotree Live on Vimeo.

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All Kedgrick, All Flute

Hey Friends, if you’ve seen us live you know how talented Kedgrick is, a truly gifted fellow, one of the most natural and expressive musicians I’ve ever known.  So here’s what he came up with in his spare time, take a listen with headphones on and the lights low, this is beautiful music.

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“Gold Rush” – Lyrics

Buggy little eye on the TV show
He shovelin’ shit and sellin me gold
I ain’t got not time for you


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Song for Sweet Thing – Lyrics

Baby I’ve got a feeling
that I don’t understand
so my words get caught up like rainwater in a can
hold on, baby please (more…)

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First Rays of a New Rising Sun

The sun rose over Martyr’s thursday night, it was a beautiful thing.  Our first show, six musicians communicating on a higher level.  Ryan, Benny, Chris, Tom, Kedgrick and myself –we were in touch that night, the energy was there, we were listening to each other, and we were inspiring each other to new musicianship.  The crowd was right there with us too, I couldn’t see them, but I could feel them.  Even the whisky tasted sweeter thursday night.

Earlier in the day on thursday a friend sent me a message encouraging our performance.  Jon said: “You are in the river of love, brother.  Nothing left to do but let go and enjoy the ride.”  I said: “yes, thats Truth!  And I’m taking off all my clothes.”


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