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Check out this killer jam session before the Tramps’ Empty Bottle show last week!

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Audio Tree Live – Full Session

At no less than 69 minutes, Antony and the boys played a truly epic set at Audio Tree Live. If you get deep into the session, like into the Darien Jungle deep, you’ll hear new cuts from Antony’s forthcoming LP. Get sleuthing!

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Live on Audiotree this Friday

This Friday we’re live on Audiotree, Chicago’s superior alternative to Daytrotter. High def video and audio, lap-giraffes, shock and awe!

Dig this mural in the Audiotree Studio…

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Live @ Subterranean Wednesday, March 30 7:30pm

We were just hangin in the woods next to a stump one day, and mused that blowing out the Empty Bottle a few months back was fun, so we decided to hook up with the kids at Audio Tree for a set alongside their premier act, Kellen & Me, along with these cool cats called the Minneapolis Henrys, whom hail from Chicago.  Those who show will get a sneaker at a few new tracks from Antony’s forthcoming LP, slated for release this summer.  Also keep an eye out for our Audio Tree Live set coming shortly.  Cheers, E.

btw…blow up the poster, dig the font! more on my blog

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New Years Tramps

Twas the night before 2011, and all hell broke loose at Gallery Cab…

Photos by J. Erick Memmesheimer

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Download the new single, “Gold Rush” – Warning, pretty catchy jam.

We just wrapped on “Gold Rush” – a foot-stompin good time you don’t have to feel guilty about!  Download via iTunes, or my personal prefernce, get it for free from me.  I’ll send the mp3 and high-quality your way, no worries! Shoot me an email at (subj – Gold Rush). Antony and the guys will, of course, be layin this one down at “Rock Via Vaudeville” this Saturday at Viaduct Theater – 3111 N. Western – 9pm.



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Chicago Premiere of ‘Rock Via Vaudeville’ – Saturday, October 16 @ Viaduct Theater

Stage, Screen, and Sound come together via the‘Vaudeville’ tradition. Starring Antony Ablan and The Tramps, with Joseph Messing and The Wisemen.  Performances by burlesque duo Honey B. Combe, saloon crooner Anthony Moser, Steampunk Chicago’s master magician Michael Burke, and much more…

2 for 1 Advance tickets can be purchased here

Sign-up for exclusive download of “Gold Rush” to be released this week!


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