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The Warrior – Live at Audio Tree Studios

The Tramps and me playing The Warrior. A friend asked what this instrumental was about, I told her its the struggle towards spiritual freedom, but its not ‘about’ that, it ‘is’ that. And it takes everyone in the room to get to that level of freedom, it takes a lot of energy directed upwards. Music like this reminds me how powerful we can be when we’re in harmony and in love with one another.

Enjoy ~ Antony

Antony Ablan – The Warrior : Audiotree Live from Audiotree Live on Vimeo.

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Performing Live – Online – Friday 7:30

Hey Folks, this friday’s gonna be a good night, the Tramps and I will be performing live at Audio Tree studios here in Chicago, and it will be streaming live through http://www.audiotreemusic.com/.  We’ll be debuting some new music from our upcoming LP, as well as spinning up some of our live favs.  Check it out!  If you don’t catch it live, they have it archived for your pleasure.

Friday Nights Cast:

Thrilled to have special guest Joe Messing joining on guitar and vocals.
Chris Palmerin is on drums and percussion
Kedgrick Pullums Jr. on woodwinds, keys, and vocals
Daniel Huber on electric upright bass and vocals
Erick Memmesheimer on percussion and vocals
Antony Ablan on electric git-fiddle and vocals

There will be video and audio, and all the good stuff in between.

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